We are proud to announce the following winners of 2015 in each festival category:

International Section

The first prize
Alison and Jeremy by Alyxandra Press (USA)

The second prize
Take your time by Orson Cornick (UK)

German Section

The first prize
Sweeper’s pride by Matthias KoƟmehl (Germany)

The second prize
After the truth by Nicolas Ehret (Germany)

Jewish Section

The first prize
The Way Out by Mikhail Uchitelev (Germany)

The second prize
Troubles with Lucie by Lionel Kaplan (France)

THE GRAND PRIX of the Festival goes to the “The Way Out” by Mikhail Uchitelev (Germany)

The best cameraman prize
Ricardo Dias “Memoires” (UK)

The best director prize
Fabricio Heider “Soldaten” (Argentina)

The best actress prize
Magdalena Poplawska “Final Cut” (Estonia)
Elina Amromina “The Way Out” (Germany-Russia)

The best actor prize
Marlon Kittel “After the truth” (Germany)

Reflections of Spirit International Film Festival